Recycled Crafts

Here is a list of all of the recycled craft tutorials posted on Punk Projects:

Recycling Tutorials

Restyled Composition Book with Mou Saha

Cardboard Tree Stumps

Back-to-School Painted Notebook

Back-to-School Glitter Polka Dot Notebook

Back-to-School Felt Pocket Notebook

Salvaged Book Art Journal withMou Saha

Washi Tape Restyled Jars

Coffee Mug Planters with Kam

Blue Jeans Phone Cozy

Yogurt Cup Bracelets with Cath

Glittered Flower Pots with Natt

Bike Tire Stamps with Abby

Measuring Tape Pencil Case

Blue Jeans Garden Cushion

Candy Wrapper Picture Frame with Katie

Crocheted Swiffer Sock Pattern

Recycled Notebook with EEF

Hardback Book Laptop Case

Paper Bag Mini Album

Paper Bag Owl Puppets

Restyled Scissors

Watercolor Clock with Cath

Junk Mail Wreath with Heather

Recycled Paper Bowls

Restyled Paint Brushes with Dom

Restyled Chalkboard Box

Board Game Journal

Restyled Supply Holder with Kam

Upcycled Craft Briefcase

Coloring Page Paintings

Game Piece Notebook

Recycled Recipe Box with Taylor

Bamboo Wind Chimes

Dinosaur Plant Markers

Recycled Globe Bowl

Restyled Glitter Buttons

Instagram Notebook

Restyled Washi Tape Pencils

Restyled Flower Pots

Restyled Folding Chairs

Button Thumbtacks

Restyled Washi Tape Notebook

Restyled Gelli Print Notebook

Restyled Letter Sticker Notebook

Photo + Glitter Glue Notebook

Paper Scrap Triangle Notebook

Restyled Map Mason Jars

No-Sew Jeans Kindle Cozy

Restyled Rhinestone Frame

Restyled Button Ombre Frame

Recycled Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Recycled Book Planter

Mixed Media Flower Pot

Mixed Media Notebook

Book Painted Bricks

Take Out Menu Box

Hanging Pot Bird Feeder

Restyled Owl Tins

Restyled Gilded Cat Frame

Painted Peg Board

Recycled Pirouline Tin Lanterns

Galaxy Bottle Cap Magnets

Tribal and Rope Pirouline Tins

Toy Animal Photo Holders

Restyled Galaxy Notebook

Faux Paper Bag Leather Notebook

Glitter and Lace Pirouline Tins

Restyled Tote Bag with Gelatos

Restyled Pirouline Tin Planter

Restyled Pirouline Tin Easter Basket

Recycled Plastic Animal Keychains

Recycled Scarf Headband

Recycled Scarf Clutch

Bottle Cap Art Plaque

Recycled Pirouline Tin Hanging Planter

Bottle Cap Magnets

Recycled Pirouline Tin Firecrackers

Rhinestone and Glitter Flamingo

Restyled Galaxy Frame

Recycled Pirouline Tin Pencil Holders

Restyled Masked Frame

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