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DIY Ombre Hanging Planter from Pirouline Tins

Today's project is sponsored by Pirouline. For Mays Pirouline project I showed you how to create a planter using recycled Pirouline tins. This months project is another take on that! I love the look of the many hanging planters I've seen on pinterest, so I made one using empty Pirouline tins!

Supplies: Empty Pirouline Tins, Fabric in 3 shades of 1 color, Spray Adhesive, 10' of Rope, Awl, Potting Soil, Plants

1. Cut your fabric to fit your empty tins. For an ombre look, use 3 different shades of 1 color.
2. Spray the outside of your cans with spray adhesive and wrap the fabric around them.
3. Cut a 10' piece of rope or clothesline. Find the center and and tie a knot as pictured below to make a loop.
4. Use an awl (or drill) to punch about 3-5 holes in the bottom of your tins for drainage.
5. Punch 2 holes in the top edge of your tins large enough for your rope to go through.
6. Thread your 2 rope ends through the 2 holes of your first (lightest color) tin.
7. Tie knots in your rope after it's through the hole.
8. Repeat steps 6-7 with your second tin (middle color), leaving about 7" between the 2 tins.
9. Repeat steps 6-7 with the final (darkest color) tin, leaving about 7" between the 2nd tin and it. Tie knots on the rope outside the tin to keep it from sliding off and tie the ends together below the tin. The last knot is just for decoration, you could also just cut the ends off after the last tin.

Once your planter is finished, Choose plants to put in it! Since the tins are on the small side as far as planters go, I recommend small plants such as succulents, spinach, herbs, etc.

I chose to put rose moss and swiss chard in my planters. The photos below were taken after my plants had a couple of weeks to get established.

You can see my other tutorials using Pirouline tins hereYou can find out more about Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook

I was compensated with free tins for this post, but my opinions are my own! 
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