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Pirouline Tin Firecrackers DIY

Today's project is sponsored by Pirouline.

There are only 2 days until July 4th! Do you have any plans that you are excited about? If you're doing a 4th of July picnic, or just want some fun decor, you should consider making something like these firecrackers!

These were so simple to make- just a bit of felt and some empty Pirouline tins.

Supplies- Empty tins, Felt, Ribbon, Hot Glue, Glitter Paper, Pipecleaner

1. Cut a piece of felt that will fit when wrapped around your tin.
2. Cut strips of ribbon to embellish your firecracker and adhere them down on top of your felt.

3. Glue one end of your felt to to your tin, and adhere it down as you wrap it around the tin.

4. Trace around the tins lid onto the back of a piece of felt, giving it about .5" extra material.

5. Adhere the lid down onto the felt and wrap the felt down the sides of the lid, adhering it down.

6. Trim off any excess felt hanging off the lid.

7. Cut a 3" piece of pipe cleaner and adhere it to the top of your lid.

8. Cut out stars from glitter scrapbook paper and adhere them to the front of your tins!

As I mentioned before, these are super simple! If you're taking them on a picnic, you could store things in them, like silverware and other utensils!

You can see my other tutorials using Pirouline tins here. You can find out more about Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook


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