July 29, 2014

Where I find Vintage Graphics

If you're a regular follow of my blog, you may have noticed that I use a lot of vintage graphics on my cards and paper projects. I like to combine with my artsy style for a fun look.

Today I thought I'd share where I get my graphics from.

They make the cutest vintage diecuts, like the little doe above. The diecuts are pretty inexpensive, but they also have a few printable freebies.
The Graphics Fairy is a great resource for free vintage graphics. I've used some of them on my mixed media bookmarks.
Although they're a stamp company, Paper Wings Productions also has a nice selection of vintage clip art sheets.


Do you ever use vintage graphics on your projects? If so, where do you find them?
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July 28, 2014

PWP Tea Time Art Journal Page

I created this art journal spread using Paper Wings Productions July Nesting Components Kit, which is tea themed.

Hop on over to the PWP blog to read my post!
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Birthday Cards for Helmar

Hey guys, today I'm up on the Helmar blog sharing these matching birthday cards + gift wrap that I created! Hop on over to read my post!
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July 25, 2014

Sunflower Photography

I've shared photos of my garden here before and those are usually veggie photos. This year, besides just vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc.) I also planted sunflowers!

I'm so excited that they have started blooming, I think sunflowers are just gorgeous. I took some photos of them recently and wanted to share. :)

While I was out there snapping photos of my flowers I was all like :Oh, lets take some selfies too".

I'm going to attempt to save the seeds! Aren't sunflowers lovely?
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July 24, 2014

DIY Stenciled X-Men Shirt

Okay, guys. Get your nerd on for this post!

I'm a huge fan of X-Men. I've seen every movie at least twice (but I believe way more, haha) as well as read some of the comics. I'm a nerd. Got it?
After the new movie came out at the beginning of the Summer, I decided I needed an X-Men themed shirt. I actually looked at in the Mens graphic t-shirt section at the store and didn't find any, so I made my own!

Even if you're not a nerd, or not an X-Men fan (what??), you can still use this technique to create your own custom shirts!

Supplies: Cotton T-shirt, Contact Paper, Fabric or Acrylic Paint, Paint brush, Graphic you want on the shirt

1. Print out whatever graphic you want on your tshirt. Trace it onto your contact paper and cut it out with a craft knife so that you have a contact paper stencil.

I wanted the xmen logo, so I actually printed out both the top and bottom layer of the 3d logo.

2. Stick your contact paper stencil down onto the front of your tshirt. If your design has multiple layers, start with the very back layer.

Before you start painting- Add a piece of cardboard inside your shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through to the back!
3. Apply fabric paint over your stencil, and let it dry.

4. Once your paint is dry, peel off the stencil.

5. Add the contact paper stencil for the second layer on top of the first, like below-

6. Add your second color of paint.

7. After that dries, peel off your stencil. It may have seeped under your stencil a little bit like mine, but it's not a huge deal. Just go over any messy spots with paint, fixing it up.

8. If you want to, you can outline it in black paint, or using a black fabric marker to make it easier!

Wondering about the belt?
Well, My original plan for the shirt was to just paint on the X-Men logo. However, I got a little messy and accidentally dropped a blob of red paint on to the middle of my shirt. So, unless I wanted to look like I had gotten stabbed, I had to do something. I decided to paint on the belt that is part of most of the X-Men teams uniform.

Do you have a collection of nerdy T-shirts too?
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July 23, 2014

#Oceanlove Layout for LMT

Today I'm on the Love My Tapes blog sharing a layout I created using their awesome tapes!

I used both fabric tapes and washi tape to create that sunburst paper. I combined that with some new supplies I got a GASC last month to create this fun layout using photos from our May beach trip.

If you get a chance, hop on over to the Love My Tapes blog!
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