August 31, 2014

Help me win?

Oh hey guys! Right now, Darby Smart is having a little giveaway for their designers (which includes me!) They're giving 1 designer 5k to redesign a room and I'd *love* to win.

(Darby Smart kits I designed)

How can you help my chances of winning?
Every person that views Darby Smart from my unique link earns me 1 extra entry! So, just click this link. That's it. No purchase or anything necessary. I get an entry every time someone clicks that link.

Feel free to share however you like...send eMails, post on Facebook, talk on Twitter, & post on your blog. It would make my day to win. Thanks. You're amazing.

Right now I'm in 3rd place- I'd LOVE to be 1st. THANK YOU!
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August 29, 2014

In the Studio

"In the Studio" is a new blog feature I'm starting. What is it? Basically I just want to share some behind the scenes peeks with you, what I've been working on in the studio, what you can look forward to, and other random things from my week.
I plan to post these on Fridays. I'm not sure if it will be weekly or not. We'll see. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this new feature?

This week In the Studio-

  • Art journal tutorials
  • Restyling and reorganizing my studio
  • Project Life
  • Planning Autumn projects
  • Catching up on design team projects


  • We went to a flea market and a few thrift stores this past weekend. I found a few items to restyle!
  • I had my first pumpkin frappe of the season
  • Lots of tea drinking
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Using Washi Tape in your Art Journal

Today I'm on the Love My Tapes blog sharing how I use washi tapes in my art journal. If you want to see a peek into my journal and get some fun ideas for using washi tape in your journal, hop on over!
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August 28, 2014

Celebrate Freedom Mini Album

Back at the end of June I worked as a vendor (my family owns a glazed nut cart) at Celebrate Freedom, which is a huge free concert here in DFW. I love all of the bands that played, so I got to listen to good music all day. Awesome, right?

I wanted to make a mini album to document the event, so I grabbed some papers, embellishments, and a binder ring to put this together.

While I was there, I collected all of the free wristbands that everyone gives out. Since I never wear these after the events I get them at, I decided to include them in my album. I wasn't sure how I was going to do that at first, but then I decided just to stitch them down directly on to a page.

Have you ever included something like rubber bracelets into your scrapbooks?
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August 27, 2014

Hazel and Ruby Copper Frame

Hey everyone,Today I'm sharing a simple, yet lovely frame that is super easy to DIY. Can you believe it's almost September? I'm so excited about that. Autumn is just around the corner, and my birthday is in (just over) one week!

I posted this DIY on the Hazel and Ruby blog.

I hope I've inspired you to go to the store and buy all of the wooden frames! They're so easy to customize and use with H&R products!

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Scrapbooking our Beach Trip

I made these layouts last month, I'm just now sharing them though (oops!). I love scrapbooking! Although I love sewing, recycling projects, etc, scrapbooking had also been my favorite form of crafting.

Recently, I've been scrapbooking photos from our Memorial day beach trip! I made this first layout and entered it into Scrapbook Circles #hashtag challenge and I won! Yay! I used the hashtag #sisterselfie since I was using photos Taylor and I took.

For my second layout, I cut up some favorite beach patterned papers and lined them all up on the top of my layout.

What's your favorite type of crafting?
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