August 06, 2015

On Vacation

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that the blog will be a little quiet for the next couple of weeks.

If you follow me on instagram, you may have realized that I have been traveling A LOT lately. I've kept the blog up while doing it, but I am still traveling (which is so fun, but also really hard to find time to blog) and I think it is a good time to take a break and actually go on vacation from blogging- not for too long though!

Now that the Make Things! challenge is over, I will be taking a break from Punk Projects for a couple of weeks.

This was a hard decision because I love my blog, and I don't want to lose any of you guys, my fabulous readers, but I feel like I can't keep it up while I'm traveling. So, I promise- I'll be back soon!

xo, -Katie

p.s. While I'm gone, I'd love to have you flip through some of my old archives. I've got tons of tutorials I've posted in the past 5 years of Punk Projects.

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August 05, 2015

A Space Zine Collaboration

I've been working on something fun with a couple of friends of mine lately and I'm super excited to share it with you today! 
Two of my art journal friends Vanessa and Julia, whom I met through the art journaling group Get Messy, had created an art journal zine together back in the Spring and it turned out amazing!
Somehow we got talking about the subject of outer space and decided to do a second zine, but this time I got to collaborate with them, which is super exciting!

As you all know I love anything space related. The stars are so dreamy, aren't they? So of course I was all into this.

Vanessa creates and sells handmade journals and notebooks in her shop, so she made the base of this zine. She created her pages, passed it along to Julia to add her touch and then I got the last few pages to have fun with!

Isn't the cover so lovely?

I've actually been traveling all Summer, so I didn't even have many art supplies with me when making this, but I just couldn't say no.

So what I used on all of these pages are some Micron pens (my fave!), some cheap watercolors, and a little black and white acrylic paint.
Here's my pages, I'm so happy with how they turned out.

For the page above, I painted the galaxy scene with watercolors and then added the song lyrics (by Owl City) on top.

During my stay in Colorado this Summer I was awed by the night skies there and took lots and lots of photos. I decided to print out one of my photos and use it on the page above. Sadly, there is actually a mistake on this page, I meant to write "looking at the stars makes me feel brave" rather than just "me feel brave", but whatever.

You can see the original photo I started out with below. I printed it out black and white before putting it in the journal.

For the next double spread page (above) I wanted a way to feature all of the quotes about space that I just love and find so inspiring, and with all of the news about the New Horizons probe and new images of Pluto, I decided to paint some planets. That middle planet is my best pluto.

And the last page is inspired by my Sister, Taylor. She lives in Phoenix, AZ, so she suggested I do something with cactus. Why not a night sky with saguaros than? I also love this quote.

Now if you have 2 seconds, please hop over to both Vanessa and Julia's blogs to see their pages in this zine. Once completed we sent the zine to Caylee as a surprise. Caylee is one of the founders of Get Messy Art Journal, and we felt she should have this.

I loved doing this! We're actually planning something else for the future as well! :)

What theme would you like to make a zine about?

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July 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Restyled Folding Chairs

Throwback Thursday is just like the name says- a post where I feature I project I did in the past so that it doesn't get lost in the archives.

For today's Throwback Thursday post I wanted to share my most popular and most pinned project! These restyled folding chairs are everyone's favorites! I have to agree that they're pretty awesome!

You can get the tutorial here.

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July 29, 2015

DIY Painted Wooden Crate + Milk Paint Product Review

Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing some Milk Paint that I received via Cut Out + Keep as one of their "Craft Test Sidekicks". If you hop over to the Cut Out + Keep site, you'll find 5 fun projects using the Milk Paint.

I used Milk Paint by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., Inc. to paint this unfinished wooden crate I got from the store. It's prefect for holding some of my craft supplies.

I really like the finished look and texture of the milk paint. I wish it had been a little bit easier to stir as it took some time to get it all mixed up.

Supplies: Milk Paint in Salem Red and Snow White, 1 pint each, Wooden Crate, Foam Brush, Stir Stick, Empty Container.

Start by opening up your packet of milk paint powder and placing it in an empty container- I actually used an empty coolwhip bowl.

Sand your wooden crate and make sure it's clean and smooth.

Follow the directions included with your milk paint for mixing it up. I mixed Salem red and Snow white in about a 50/50 ratio.

Use a foam brush to apply the paint. Depending on how well you stirred the paint, it may be a little streaky- but I actually like the look of it.

Let your paint dry.

I mixed up the rest of the snow white milk paint and used it to embellish my crate. I added a little "label" on the front end so that I can write on it if I want to.

I painted some strips and chevrons along the side panels for a fun look.

Here are my final thoughts on this paint-

It's a really neat paint, that's organic and very eco friendly. Although it's meant to be for restoring original Colonial furniture or making reproductions, it's also good for craft projects!

I has sort of a rough finished texture to it, which I actually like.

What I didn't like was having to stir it myself. I mean, I do get that's it's organic with no preservatives so you kinda have to stir it up yourself. But It took quite a bit of stirring to make sure all of the powder was dissolved.

Overall, it was a pretty neat paint.

Have you used Milk Paint before?

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July 28, 2015

Signs you might be a blogger:

You compose photos thinking about how good the lighting is and how they'll look on your blog.

You stalk the Instagrams of your "blogspirations". Those bloggers whom you love and want to be friends with.

You know the names of those "blogspirations" dogs, family, etc. Basically you stalk them.

You spend hours typing up posts.

You can be found at the local hipster coffee, with your laptop & your skinny Caramel cappuccino with soy milk.

You can be found reading books titled something along the lines of "BLOG DIY" "How to write great blog content".

When you're doing something, you think about the details and how you would write about it in a blog post.

You know that you'll be going out of town, so you start thinking about who you might be able to get to guest blog for you.

You want to redesign your blog.

Even if you just redesigned it a month ago.

You use hashtags to find other bloggers like yourself.

And hoping that you might get new friends/fans that found you via that hashtag.

You are stuck at the airport, so you use up the data and battery on your phone reading blogs.

Or searching pinterest for "ways to grow your blog" and other blog tips.

Or typing up blog post ideas.

You bought your own URL becasue you were tired of saying "dot blogspot dot com".

You brainstorm blog posts more than you think about what you are cooking for dinner.

You type up list posts like this.

-I based these off of what I do-

Do any of these describe you?

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July 27, 2015

Make it Monday

It's been a while since I've published a Make it Monday post, I know. I had put them on hold for the Summer while the Make Things! craft challenge was going on, but they're back! :)

I found a lot of fun tutorial out on the web to share today:

Make Fruit Slice Balloons using this DIY.

Create these Recycled Calendar Coasters using this tutorial.

Make a Recycled Magazine Paper Necklace using this DIY.

Create these cool Trinket Dishes using this tutorial.

Create these awesome Photo Notepads with this DIY.

Create Hidden Storage that looks like Books (love this!) using this tutorial.

What fun things do you have planned for the week?

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