December 22, 2014

Make it Monday

Hey there! This is the last Make it Monday of the year (I'm skipping next Monday)! I promise I didn't intend to include so many tea themed DIY's, but I found quite a few and they're so cute. ;)

Make some of these Giant Gem Rings with this tutorial.

Create 3D Star Place Cards using this tutorial.

Make this easy Felt Garland using this DIY.

Make Color Dipped Ornaments using this DIY.

Make a Magnetic Tea Chalkboard with this tutorial. (LOVE this)

I also love these Christmas Tea Trees. Get the DIY here.

Make this adorable Tea Bag Holder using this tutorial.

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December 19, 2014

DIY Screen Printed Cloth Napkins

I have some exciting news! I'm not one of Cut Out + Keep's "Craft Test Sidekicks"! That means every now and then I get to try out fun crafty products and post a tutorial using them.
For my first project as a craft tester I used SpeedBall's screen printing kit to created these Desert inspired cloth dinner napkins! Taylor recently moved to Arizona so these were for her.

This DIY uses the drawing fluid technique of screen printing.


1.Start by placing whatever design you want to print underneath your screen.
2.Use a sharpie, Micron or other permanent black marker to trace your design onto your screen.

3.Things are about to get messy so now you need something to prop your screen up on incase liquid seeps through the screen. 
Take 4 thumbtacks and put them in the bottom corners of your screen. 
Flip your screen back over (so it's sitting on the thumb tacks) and place it over newspaper, or inside a cardboard box.

4. Take your drawing fluid and paint the area of your design that you want to be printed. Let the drawing fluid dry completely.

5. Once the drawing fluid is dry, take Speedball's screen filler and place a line of the filler near the top edge of your screen and use the squeegee to pull the filler over your entire screen.

6. Let the screen filler dry completely- It's recommend that you let it dry overnight.

7. Use warm water and a sponge and wash off the drawing fluid. It should come off pretty easy, but you can lightly scrub at it with the sponge if you need to.

8. Place your screen over your cloth napkin in the area you want your design. 
Place a line of fabric paint on the top edge of your screen.

9. Use the squeegee to spread the fabric paint over your design on the screen, pressing firmly. Make sure to completely cover your design area.

10. Lift your screen straight up off of your cloth and you're done! 
Let your design dry!

Have you ever tried screen printing? This was my first time and I'm pretty pleased with the results! :)
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December 18, 2014

DIY Fabric Bound Mini Album

Today I'm up on the Love My Tapes blog sharing the tutorial of how I used fabric tape to bind this mini album I made.

I used photos from the recent camping trip my Mom and I took to Cedar Hill state park. I took a lot of photos (blogged here) so I wanted to create a mini album to feature them.

Here's a peek at all of my pages. I kept the embellishments fairly simple because I loved these photos and I want to show them off.

You can get the tutorial for making the album on the LMT blog here.

Do you like to make mini albums?
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December 17, 2014

DIY Recycled Pirouline Tin Mr and Mrs Snowmen

Hey there! Today I have my last recycled Pirouline tin project for 2014. If you're new here, I post a recycled Pirouline tin craft every month! You can find them all here. Last Christmas I turned some empty Pirouline tins into Yule Logs and this year I decided to make Mr and Mrs Snowmen!

I have a friend who loves any Christmas decorations that are "Mr & Mrs", so that's what inspired this project. These snowmen are so easy that this would make a great project for kiddos as well!

Supplies: Empty Pirouline Tins, White Spray Paint (or acrylic paint and a brush), Permanent Markers, Ribbon, Buttons, Hot Glue, Felt

1. Spray paint your empty tins white. It took me 2 coats.


2. Draw on your faces using permanent markers. Get creative!

3. Tie ribbon around your snowmen like scarves. Since mine are Mr and Mrs I decided to make the girl have a bright pink sequined scarf. You can secure these with hot glue.

4. Use hot glue to attach a few buttons down the fronts of your snowmen.

5. Cut a 1" strip of felt and glue it around the very top of your tin, above the face, to look like a hat!

Overall, this project turned out to be super easy and pretty adorable, I think!

What has been your favorite recycled Pirouline Project from 2014?
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December 16, 2014

Hazel and Ruby + Gelli Arts Gift Wrap

Today I'm up on the Hazel and Ruby blog sharing this fun, festive project. Yesterday I shared how I collaged gelli prints on Helmar's blog and today I am showing more about the actual gelli printing itself.

I combined my gelli plate with Hazel and Ruby's Wrap it Up papers and Stencil Masks to create these fun prints!

If you want to read more about how I used Hazel and Ruby's masks with my gelli plate go over to the H&R blog.

Here are all of the prints I did before turning them into my gift wrap. I love gelli printing! Some of these only have 1-2 layers, but I think the more layers the better!

Have you tried gelli printing?
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December 15, 2014

Make it Monday- Christmas Gifts

Oh hey, Did you know Christmas is in 10 days? Have you gotten all of your handmade presents done or are you still working on them?

If you still need a few ideas, here are some simple tutorials (that work up fast!) that I think would make awesome Christmas gifts-

Learn how to make 3 different types of Art Journals using this tutorial.

These adorable Snowmen Candy Bars would make good stocking stuffers. Get the DIY here.

Create this Gemstone and Leather Bracelet using this tutorial.

If you crochet, this Scarf is lovely! Get the pattern here.

Make a Paracord Lanyard using this tutorial.

We are actually celebrating Christmas this coming weekend, so I have even less time! Thankfully, the majority of my presents are finished although I might make a couple more small things. :)

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