May 29, 2015

Recipe Template Scrapbook Layout

One awesome thing about having a blog is that you get to know a lot of other awesome bloggers as well.

My blog friends Megan and Allie are scrapbookers, designers, DIY's, etc, like me and they have collaborated on a fun project. Back in 2013 they designed a Recipe Template Set that you could use to make a Recipe Book. Neat, right?
Well, earlier this year they came out with some new templates and designs and re-released it so it's even better!

They asked me if I might want to play around and make something with the Recipe Template set, so of course I said yes. All of the designs are fabulous, so I used the Mega Pack and printed out some papers from the different editions.

I do want to make an actual recipe book with some of my favorite recipes (which are actually all pumpkin desserts), but I am crazy busy this Summer, so I opted for using the recipe template set and papers to create a scrapbook layout.

The template sets include a variety of beautiful and fun patterned papers, which I printed out to use on this page. I used some photos of vegetables from my garden to document my favorite veggies.

I definitely still planning on making a recipe book using the template, but it will probably wait until Fall!

Megan and Allie are also offering my readers (YOU!) 10% off on the Recipe Template Sets using the code- punkproject10
Just enter the code at checkout to receive 10% off!

Do you have a lot of recipes, or have a homemade recipe book?

*This post includes an affiliate code. Affiliate programs help to support punk projects!
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May 28, 2015

12 Book Themed Crafts to Make

*waves* Hi, guys! I want to thank Katie for letting me hang out here at Punk Projects today!  My name is Jessica (I go by coffeelvnmom on most social media). I'm a YA author, and I actually met Katie on Twitter (I think???) over a year ago. Since then, I've drooled over Katie's posts many-a-time, and she's also (very) generously shared her awesome sauce craft skills more than once for giveaways on my blog (as well as blessing me with a few of her creations, just because! Sweet, huh?) With all of that said, I'm sure it will come as no surprise to find out that today we're going to check out some.... 


And on that note, what is THE most important thing when reading? Not to lose your place, of course! :D We'll start out with some lovely bookmark crafts so you don't have to use that candy bar wrapper anymore!

1) Ribbon Bookmarks (LINK)

DIY Ribbon Bookmarks (ribbon, hairbands, and buttons!) -- 29 of the MOST creative crafts and activities for kids!

According to Lilly at Listotic, these bookmarks are simple to make (and they look very inexpensive, too). Add a few fun buttons and personalized ribbon and you're all set!

2) Teacup Bookmark (LINK)

Aren't these the cutest? :) Trish at Genuine Mugpie has a great tutorial (including downloadable templates)! 

3) Paper Dahlia Wreath (LINK)
Paper Dahlia Wreath

I have a thing for dahlias (they're a pretty important part of the Flora series), and Katie shared this lovely paper dahlia wreath tutorial by Tabitha at Love, Pomegranate House here at Punk Projects a little over a year ago! This tutorial uses nice, colored paper, but you can also use book pages

4) Bookish Quote Pillow (LINK)
Turn a plain old pillow into a keepsake!
Amanda at Whit & Whistle shared a pretty simple way to make a quote pillow. Course, it doesn't *have* to be bookish... It could be anything! I love how simple this is. And, if you're a bit more crafty and like to handwrite fonts, you could do that, as well!

5) Bookish Initial (LINK)
This idea actually came from an old post on Book Riot regarding creative ways to wrap books. You could use metallic letters, wood, or paper mache! :)

6) Clock Centerpiece (LINK)

Isn't this a unique idea? This one's used to mark table numbers at a wedding by Jennifer at HillCityBride, but you could also make a real clock, too! (Check out this tutorial.)

7) Literary Notecards and Envelopes (LINK)

Alice in Wonderland and Cheshire Cat Silhouette Literary Book Print Notecard with Envelope- Set of 5

I love love love this. And if you don't want to take the time to make them, you can order them from ShesComeUnbound for $5!

8) Book Birdhouse (LINK)
decorative birdhouses

Isn't this an *ahem* novel idea? (Hehehe... had to go there.) I love this. It would be so cute sitting on a covered patio or on a coffee table in a sunroom!

9) Salvaging a Book for journaling (or anything else)! (LINK)

I found this post here on Punk Projects from a couple of years ago. I love how Mou Saha uses stamps and acrylics to make it look so bright and lively. You could make a whole lot more than just journals using this technique.

10) Bookish Cupcake Pics (LINK)
Vintage Book Page Heart Cupcake Picks

Aren't these heart pics by thePathLessTraveled adorable? You could use classics, books too worn to read anymore, kids' books for a birthday party, Jane Austen ones for a wedding... the possibilities are endless! 

11) Book Planter (LINK)

Yet another post I found here at PP. I've seen these as centerpieces at weddings, as window box decorum, and given as gifts. Definitely a neat, personalized gift that is pretty inexpensive!

and... last but not least, one of my favorite (pretty easy for even for those not very crafty, like me!)...

12) Bookpage Jars/Candleholders (LINK)

Sarah at Arrow & Apple breaks down the way to get lovely bookish jars with minimum hastle.

Well, I hope ya'll found at least one bookish craft to work on! :) A big thanks to Katie for inviting me, and to you, readers, for letting me spend the day with you!

Jessica L. Brooks is a lover of books, coffee, and all things owl-dorable. She writes young adult books about near-future dystopia (PITY ISN'T AN OPTION, Cozenage #1) and magical realism (the Flora series) and loves to serve virtual cookies. Connect with her on her blog, Let Me Tell You A Story, Twitter (@coffeelvnmom), or anywhere else on the interwebs by doing a search for her username: coffeelvnmom.
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May 26, 2015

DIY Washi Tape Dish

Today I am up on the Love my Tapes blog sharing this fun way to use washi tape. I found this cheap glass plate at Goodwill and used one of my favorite washi tapes to give it a new look!

I've seen lots of ideas for restyling clear glass plates but I've never seen one covered in washi tape(although it is definitely possible I just missed it!).

I think this little dish is perfect for holding little embellishments!

You'll need a small (saucer sized) plate and a roll of washi tape.

The how-to is SO very simple. Basically, you just cover the top of the plate in strips of washi tape.

Once you have it covered in washi tape, flip it over and use some scissors to trim away the extra tape hanging off of the dish.

I wanted to seal my tapes, just so that they wouldn't get damaged, so I went over them with a gel medium.

Note- This is not dishwasher safe!! If you want to wash these, you'll need to buy like the dishwasher safe mod podge.

Where would you use little dishes like these? Have you ever restyled a glass plate?

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May 25, 2015

Using Magazine Cut Outs in your Art Journal

Hey Guys, Today I am taking over the Adventures in Making blog!

Last year Rachel, from Adventures in Making, guest posted on my blog sharing a peek at her art journals so today I wanted to share a peek into mine! More specifically, a couple of fun techniques I like to use.

I love drawing and painting people in my art journals, but some days I'm feeling a bit lazy or I want to do something different, so I grab a magazine and pull pages from it to use. I like to cut around some of the people/models in the pages and use them in my journal, but being an artist I like to alter them a bit.

Today I am showing you 2 ways to alter cut outs from magazines.

If you get a chance, hop over to the Adventures in Making blog to see my tutorials and to learn how!

Do you like to use magazine cut outs in your art journals? Do you have any other favorite techniques?

Also, The Make Things! Craft Challenge starts on Sunday! Are you joining in? Click here to learn more about it.
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May 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday- Strawberry Shaped Card

Throwback Thursday is just like the name says- a post where I feature I project I did in the past so that it doesn't get lost in the archives.

Last February I posted a tutorial for making this cute Strawberry shaped card for national strawberry day. I designed a template and shared it and then embellished my card with some fun scrapbooking supplies.

Get the template and tutorial here.

Want more shaped cards? Check out this Bunny Card and these Easy Shaped Cards.

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May 20, 2015

Paint + Paper- Washi Tape Art Journal Background Technique

Today I am up on the Love my Tapes blog sharing this page and since it is Paint + Paper Wednesday (when I share my art journal pages and scrapbook layouts) I wanted to show you here as well!

I saw this quote on pinterest and it is very relevant to my life right now, so I had to include it in my art journal. I decided to use washi tape to create the background.

To make the background, you'll need 2 or more different patterns of washi tape to make this look. I used a pretty floral yellow and a contrasting teal tape.

You can find the tapes in the Love My Tapes etsy shop here.

Start by placing a strip of your first color across your page. It can be any direction you want.

Next take your second color, placing a strip next to the first. Repeat this a couple of times.

Now you need to fill in the rest of the page. Turn your page 90 degrees and place the edge of your tape against the tapes you already stuck down.

So your strips of tape are going in the opposite direction as the first few.

Repeat until you've covered your page, turning your page as you need to and changing the direction of your tapes.

If you overlapped your tapes any, you can use a craft knife to clean them up.

Here is my finished page in my art journal:

What are some of your favorite ways to use washi tape?

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