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DIY Galaxy Notebook

Galaxies are so very popular these days. I love pictures of outer space. Did you know you can download free images taken by the Hubble? How awesome is that? Just go to the HubbleSite to see galaxies, stars, nebulae, and more!

I used one of the images to decorate one of my many notebooks.

Supplies: Notebook, Printer, Photo Paper, Mod Podge, Paint Brush

1. Choose a photo and print it out full size on to photo paper. I love the Crab Nebula, so I printed that one out.

2. Trim your photo to fit the front of your note book. Apply Mod Podge onto the back of your photo and place it onto your notebook cover.

3. Go over the front of your photo with mod podge. Let it dry.

I would love to have all of my notebooks covered in nebulae and galaxies! Space is so pretty! I think it would also be super cool to have a little Enterprise on it. :)
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