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Bamboo Wind Chimes DIY

I found some bamboo on clearance at the craft store and I bought it without a project in mind (which is unusual for me) so it's been sitting in my craft studio for a few days, but this morning I thought of a fun idea for it. Wind Chimes!

My Mom always has always had a thing for wind chimes, so there was usually one hanging around outside making music whenever the wind would blow. I love the sounds they make. Don't you?

 Supplies: Bamboo Sticks (I found mine at HobbyLobby on clearance for $5) Hand Saw, String, Paint

1. Unless you are using precut bamboo, you will need to trim them down with a handsaw. Here are the measurements I made mine: One 15" stick, Two 14" sticks, Two 10" sticks, One 6" stick.
 2. Cut a long piece of string and tie the middle around one end of one of your bamboo sticks.
 3. Tie the ends of the string around your longest bamboo stick which will be the top of your wind chimes.

 4. Repeat with the rest of your bamboo pieces.

 5. Taking another long piece of string, tie each end onto the ends of the top windchime piece.
 6. This is optional, but I wanted to embellish my bamboo a little. Using tape as a guide. paint the ends of your bamboo white to color block them.
 7. With colorful permanent markers, doodle stripes onto your color blocked areas.
 Now just hang up your wind chimes! I hung mine off the roof right outside our living room window.
p.s. Happy Valentines day!!
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  1. Ooohh I love it! I always had wind chimes in my garden as a kid, and my apartment balcony has been seriously neglected. Will definitely have to keep an eye out for bamboo next time I'm at the craft store.


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