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Tribal and Rope Pirouline Supply Holders DIY

I've had a roll of rope sitting around from a different project, so I decided to combine it with a couple of tins to make some fun patterned supply holders to help organize my desk a little bit. This was a perfect project for my collaboration with Pirouline. I love the texture the rope gives these tins.

Supplies: Pirouline Tins or empty cans, Rope/Clothesline, Hot Glue or other fast drying glue, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush

1. Use hot glue to secure the end of your rope at the bottom of the tin. Using glue every now and then where you need to secure it, wrap the rope around your tin until the entire thing is covered. Snip off the extra rope when you get to the top and secure the end down with glue.

2. Get out your acrylic paints! I chose 4 different colors to use on one tin, and stuck with 2 colors on the other. I searched on pinterest for tribal prints for my pattern inspiration.

Once your paint is dry, they're done! These tins are just the right size for holding pencils and markers which I always have laying around my desk.
My sister, Taylor, loves anything with tribal print, so I'm afraid she'll steal these and I'll have to make some more for my own supplies.

How do you organize your supplies?
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