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Glitter and Lace Valentines Pirouline Tins

I've really been wanting to cover a couple of Pirouline tins in glitter- Lots of glitter! I decided that it would be perfect as a Valentines themed project!

I love using glitter but if you don't use it much, here are our top 6 tips for working with glitter.

Supplies: Pirouline Tins, Spray Adhesive,Glitter in multiple colors, Gloss/Acrylic Coating Spray OR Mod Podge, Lace Trim, Hot Glue

1. If they aren't already, Empty out your pirouline tins.  Spray the outside of your tin with spray adhesive, I recommend doing this outside. (You can use another type of adhesive if you want, I find that spray is easiest.)
2. Sprinkle glitter over your tin. I went for an ombre look on one, and gold + silver on the other. Shake off the excess glitter onto a piece of scrap paper and use it to pour the glitter back into your glitter container.
3. To seal your glitter and to keep it from coming off at the touch, Go over it with either a coat of mod podge, or a spray acrylic coating. Let that dry!
4. Cut a piece of lace to fit around your tin. Use hot glue to glue one end down at the back of the tin, wrap your lace around and glue down the other end.

Pirouline tins are so much fun to restyle, there are so many different things you can do with an empty tin. (Not to mention the cookies inside!)
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