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Bottle Cap Circle Art Plaque DIY

Last month when Taylor was in town we decided to use up some supplies that have been sitting around my studio- bottle caps and this wooden circle plaque.

We combined both of them + photos and a few other supplies to make this fun little art plaque that is perfect for hanging in my studio! By placing photos in some of the bottle caps it's almost like a scrapbook. :)

Supplies: Wooden Plaque, Bottle Caps, Flair/Pins, Adhesive, Glitter, Diamond Glaze, Bling/Gems, Photos

1. Pick out a selection of bottle caps and fun flair to include on your plaque.

2. Print your photos out. You'll want these pretty small, I printed mine at "index size".

3.Cut your photos into 1" circles. You can use a punch for this, use a diecut machine or just trace around the bottom of your bottle cap!
4. Adhere your photos inside the bottle caps. I used Helmar's 450 Quick Dry adhesive because it drys so fast.

5. Squirt Diamond Glaze adhesive over our photo, filling up your bottle cap. Dip a paint brush in glitter and lightly tap it to dust your bottle cap with glitter.

6. Adhere your bottle caps and flair down onto your plaque.

7. I used scrapbooking gems to add in a bit more bling and more circles! Feel free to do this to your plaque.

It was really a simple project and a great little piece of art! I love using up supplies like this. I had bought that plaque a few months ago, but never got around to using it before now.
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  1. This is so crazy... I took out my bottle caps last night and was thinking, "I need to do something with these!" Cute project! I like the flair mixed in with the caps.


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