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Rhinestone Photo Frame DIY

This post is a submission to the 2016 Tombow Design Team Call.

My Mom recently bought a big bucket of rhinestones to use on a recent quilt (which you can see here.) and I decided to use some of this fun, gorgeous bling on a project or two! For starters, I embellished a simple picture frame I found at the thrift store.

 Supplies: Wide Flat Photo Frame, Flat Backed Rhinestones, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush Adhesive, Photo

1. Remove the backing and glass (If the glass comes out. If it doesn't, just make sure to tape over it so that you don't get paint on it.)

2. Using your acrylic paint and brush, Paint your frame your desired color. I chose to use black so that my jewels would "pop!"

3. Now It's time to adhere your jewels! You can use a couple of different adhesives for this-

  • Place a drop of a strong glue like E6000 on the back of each gem and glue into place.
  • Spray the front of the frame with a strong spray adhesive and place gems on top.

Both will work!

 You could use all gems of one color or one shape, but I really liked the fun look of mismatched jewels. Think of how cute these would be for holidays gifts-

  • Pink frame with red jewels for Valentines.
  • Black with orange jewels for Halloween.
  • Gold with silver jewels for Christmas or New Years.

These would make perfect everyday gifts too, or just set them around your house! I printed out a photo from a trip to Key West to frame, I thought the bright orange sunset looked nice with the gems.

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