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Restyled Mixed Media Notebook DIY

My instagram notebook is finally full, so I thought I'd restyle one of my other notebooks for a fun project. I decided instead of another instagram cover (even though I loved it!) I would give it a mixed media cover. I also took pictures to turn it into a small DIY for you guys!
Supplies: Notebook, Woodgrain Contact Paper, White Paint, Gesso, Patterned Paper, Permanent Marker

1. Cover the front of your notebook with you contact paper.
 2. Using a stencil or freehand it, Paint polka dots onto your notebook with white paint.

Note- I tried using white Mister Huey spray mists for this, but the mist wouldn't dry on the contact paper. The paint dried just fine though.
3. Cut out leaves from green patterned papers. The larger leaves are 3" and the small leavers are 2".
 4. I painted a stem and I painted around my leaves with gesso.
 5. Cut flowers out of a patterned paper as embellishments. (or use stickers)
 6. Add any extra doodles you like! I wrote the word "inspire" onto one of my leaves.
I finished it off with a coat of mod podge to seal it all.
I think it's perfect for spring and super inspiring! Don't you?
Do you do any mixed media projects?
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  1. Lovely Katie! I will try to do a similar one! Thanks for the detailed tutorial!

    1. Oh, if you do please send me a pic!! I'd love to see it. :)

  2. Oh, my! Definitely inspiring! I love to write in notebooks that are pretty over a drab one... it makes a difference. :)


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