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Restyled Pirouline Owl Tins DIY

Pirouline contacted me recently letting me know about their Fall Craft Challenge to restyle their empty wafer tins. I love recycling and restyling things  (even have a whole section of recycled crafts on my tutorials page.) so I was excited about this! I had so many ideas, but I wanted to narrow it down to just one or two.

I decided to use up some of my Autumn colored paper scraps, do a bit of doodling and also create some cute containers to store things in or maybe put candles in. Don't you think that would be pretty? :)

Supplies needed: Tins, Paper Scraps, Mod Podge, Paint Brush, Twine, Hot Glue, Watercolor Paper, Black Marker, Watercolor Pencils.

1. Cut your paper scraps into about 1" strips, spread mod podge out on the back of your paper strips and stick them around your tin, going back over them with mod podge to seal them. Let that dry, it wont take long.
2. Sketch your owls out onto watercolor paper, color them using water color pencils or watercolors and then cut them out. I just freehanded mine, but if you're not great at drawing you could also stamp the owls or print owls out.
3. Apply mod podge onto the back of your owls and then stick them to the front of your tins, I also went around the front edges of my owls with mod podge to make sure they stick.
4. Use hot glue to wrap twine around the top edges of your tins a few times.

I think these turned out really cute, I have this thing for owls. I love them. If you want a fun challenge, try restyling some Pirouline tins! You can eat the yummy wafers, then get to crafting!

I was compensated with free tins for this post, but my opinions are my own! 
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