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Pretty Painted Flower Pots DIY

I had a few clay flower pots that I didn't use when I painted the Candy Corn Flower Pots, so today I thought I'd embellish them using some paint and a black permanent marker.

These were unbelievably easy, you need zero painting skills. I chose to use orange and yellow paint for Autumn, (I was trying to make them look like mums.) but you could do them in any color, for any season. 
 1. Using the color paint you want your flower to be, paint a few "blob" shapes on your flower pot. Using green paint, paint a couple of leaves. I only did about 2 leaves on each pot, but the number of leaves you do is up to you.
2. Once your paint is dry, grab you black marker and doodle your flower. I started in the middle, added petals and then outlined the leaf.
3. Enjoy looking at your beautiful new flower pot.
The community garden we have a plot at is having an Autumn decorating contest, so these as well as other decorations I've made and thrifted are going to go out in our garden. I will take pictures once we get it all decorated!
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