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Restyled Folding Chairs DIY

 We've had this set of 4 folding chairs (and table, but I didn't recover it.) that we got forever ago, They were all a dark forest green which wasn't at all cute. Taylor pinned a picture of a chair that had been spray painted  and my Mom and I decided that we had to do something to our chairs.

So during our next trip to the store, I grabbed a couple of cans of satin aqua spray paint. We also took a trip to Hancock Fabrics to pick out some fabric to recover the cushions with.

Here's a little DIY in case you have some ugly folding chairs that also need a makeover.
Supplies: Spray Paint (You need about 3 cans of paint to cover 4 chairs) Fabric, Drill or Screw Driver

 1. Using a drill (or screw driver) unscrew the cushions from your chairs. (put the screws somewhere you wont lose them, you'll have to screw the cushion back in later.
2. In a well ventilated area (I did it outside) Spray paint your chairs and let them dry completely.
3. Cover you cushion in fabric and wrap it around onto the backside. Staple or use a strong adhesive to secure the fabric on the back.
4. Screw your cushions back onto your chairs.

Aren't these way way cuter than the 4 old green chairs they started out as?

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