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Recycled Globe Bowl DIY

 I bought this globe about 3 months ago intending to alter it, recycle it into something awesome. And guess what, I finally did! About time, right?

Here's how I turned a globe into a bowl:
Supplies: Globe, Map, Box Knife, Mod Podge, Bias Tape

1. Using your box knife, cut your globe in half. Be careful, you don't want to hurt yourself!! The globe is a little thick so it takes a bit of patience to cut through it.
It might be easier with a saw or other power tool, but I don't have one. ;)
 Now, you could just leave it like this, but I wanted to give it a finished look.

2. Cut your map into 1" strips.
 3. Using mod podge, decoupage the maps onto the inside of the globe.
 4. To give the top edge a more finished look, I hot glued bias tape over the edge. You could possibly also use washi tape.
Right now I'm storing my paints in it, but I'm not sure if that's what is going to stay there. I might find another spot for my paints and put my globe bowl in my bedroom.

Have you ever altered a globe or another project?
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  1. Very cool , i was wondering what you did with it!!

  2. Whoa! That's neat-o! Awesome job. I'm now following you!


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