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Restyled Pirouline Tin Planter DIY

I love the Spring season. (Not quite as much as Fall, since there are no pumpkin goodies) To me, Spring means gardening! I get to start planting things like peas, potatoes and herbs! My favorite herb is mint. I love picking off little sprigs of mint and putting them in my tea.

I used a Pirouline tin to hold this mint plant. Mint tends to take over if you have it anywhere that it can spread out, so I'm hoping that having it in a small container like this will keep the plant fairly small.

Supplies: Pirouline Tin, Drill, Spray Adhesive, Fabric, Potting Soil, Herb

1. Start by drilling a couple of holes in the bottom of your tin. It's important that your planter has holes where water can drain out. If there aren't any drainage holes, your plant could rot. I drilled 3 quarter inch holes in the bottom.

2. Cut a piece of fabric to fit around your tin. My piece of fabric was 6.5"x15" Spray the outside of your tin with spray adhesive and wrap your fabric around it.

3. Fill your planter about half full with potting soil and add in your plant, adding more potting soil if you need to. Be sure to give it a good watering!

These small planters make the perfect gifts! My Sister killed the last mint plant I gave to her (leaving it out in the snow.) so I am giving her this one since I already have a mint plant.

If you don't have any empty tins to use, Go get some Pirouline's, eat all the cookies and then use the tins!
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