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DIY Pencil Pirouline Tins

Today's project is sponsored by Pirouline.

For this months altered Pirouline tins, I wanted to do something back-to-school themed. Now, I don't have kids and I'm not in school myself, so it's not like I really need to do back-to-school projects. But I have a love for office supplies, so I love this time of year, when everyone has there notebooks and patterned pencils out!

I restyled these empty Pirouline tins to look like No. 2 pencils, and of course they hold my pencils. These would also make great teacher gifts!

Supplies: Empty Tins, Patterned Paper, Letter Stickers, Double Stick Tape, Hot Glue, ZigZag Scissors

1. First you need to cut your papers to the right size. I used the skinny Pirouline tins, so my measurements fit those, if you're using a different sized tin, you'll need to measure it. You need-
  • 9"x5.5" piece for the main color.
  • 9"x1" piece from pink, grey, cream, and black

Use zigzag scissors to trim one edge of your cream paper strip.

2. Glue your strips onto your main piece of paper as shown in the picture below.
3. Use letter stickers to spell out "No.2" on your paper pencil.
4. Apply hot glue onto the back of your pirouline tin.
5. Stick one edge of your paper to the hot glue.
6. Use glue to adhere it and wrap the paper around your tin, and secure the opposite end at the back.

 Pencils come in all sorts of patterns, so you can definitely branch out from just plain yellow! 

I have a lot of pencils, and these are perfect for holding them! I only put my regular No.2 pencils and watercolor pencils in the tins. I didn't even break out my colored pencil stash... (#ilovepencils)

You can see my other tutorials using Pirouline tins here. You can find out more about Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook


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