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Book Painted Bricks DIY

When I saw this pin, I knew that I really wanted to paint some bricks! I liked that they painted them to look like books, so I stuck with that theme.

Supplies: Bricks, Acrylic Paint and Paint Brushes, Permanent Markers or Paint Pens, Mod Podge

1. If you're bricks have been sitting outside (like mine) brush/wash off any dirt.
 2. Paint your bricks whatever colors you like! You could do them all the same color, or make them more random like mine.
 3. Paint on your titles. I used a tiny paint brush + paint for a couple of them, and for others I just used a paint pen. The paint pen is much easier. ;)
 4. You can also paint little things on the bottom of your bricks. Perhaps the publishers logo?
5. Finish them off with a coat of mod podge and use them as decorations! These could make awesome book ends, but I chose to put them outside in my garden as decor.

You don't have to have a bunch of painting skills to make these! It's just solid colors and words, so they're super easy.
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