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Mod Podged Take Out Menu Box

We were out going to thrift stores a couple of weeks ago and as we were in one store my Mom picked up a cute little box for holding take out menus and I knew I needed to make one! So that instead of digging through junk drawers for menus when I want delivery Chinese foods I can just pull the menu out of the box. :) Cool, huh?

I used an empty cigar box someone from our community garden gave me, You can find cigar boxes in thrift stores, but if you don't have one you can always use a different type of container. Wooden boxes, Plastic containers, etc.

Supplies: Wooden Box, Mod Podge, Paint Brush, Food Images, Letter Stickers

1. Gather your pictures of food. I pulled pictures out of magazines, from the recipe section. Another idea is to cut pictures of of your take out menus.

2. Arrange your pictures onto your box until you have them where you like them.

3. Apply mod podge onto the back of your picture and place down onto your box. Brush mod podge over the front of your picture as well, smoothing out wrinkles.

4. Cover as much of the box as you want, I just covered the front of my box. Mod Podge dries clear so it doesn't really matter how messy you get. :)

5. Use letter stickers on the front to add words to it.

Once it dries you can add your menus into the box. :) Chinese food, pizza delivery, yum yum yum. I think this is a great idea. The perfect place to keep menus.

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  1. Great idea! My take out menus are currently stuffed in a drawer but keeping them in a box (and a cute, decorated box at that) seems like a much better idea.


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