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Instagram Notebook DIY

 Supplies: Instagram pictures, Mod Podge, Paint Brush, Note Book

You can print your pictures on your home printer, or I've heard PostalPix is a great way to get instagram prints. I've never used it, but it looks easy!

1. If you printed them yourself, cut them out.
 2. Arrange them on your notebook, decide what order you'd like them in.
 3. Brush mod podge onto the back of your photos.
 4. Stick them down onto your notebook.
 5. Go over the top of your pictures and notebook with mod podge. It looks best if you brush in only one direction.
 6. Let it dry. I also mod podged a ribbon onto the bottom and painted on my words. I keep so many notebooks full of craft ideas, doodles, lists and just random notes, so I like to decorate my notebooks. They are much more inspiring than just the plain notebooks.

I actually bought a ton of notebooks for 7 cents in Sept. They weren't anything special, just on sale after  school started. I've decorated almost all of them now.
Do you write a lot in notebooks like me?
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