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Gold Cat Frame DIY

I am a dog person- I love cute puppies, but my sister is one of those crazy cat people. She loves cats and has the fattest laziest cat. I made her this picture frame for Christmas and also included a picture of her cat, Teddy, in it.

Decorating the frame was actually super easy. I used a simple, cheap wooden frame from walmart, a bit of mint paint, a gold paint pen and a cat stencil.

I actually cut my cat stencils out on my Brother ScanNCut. They have a new website called "ScanNCut Canvas", where you can design things on the computer and upload SVGs. I found some cat silhouettes on google and traced them in the ScanNCut canvas then cut them out with the machine.

Supplies: Wooden Frame, Acrylic Paint, Paint Brush, Cat Stencil, Gold Paint Pen

1. Paint your wooden frame in your desired color- I chose mint blue.

2. When your paint is dry, place your cat stencil down and color them in using your gold paint pen.

I also added her cats name in the corner using the gold paint pen. The gold paint pen worked so well on the frame, it looks like gold leaf and is super shiny.

Happy New Year!!
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