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Scrapbooking: SMASH Style!

Today's guest post is brought to you by Mou Saha.

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here from Creating Keepsakes magazine!
Today I'm doing a scrapbook spread in the SMASH style. recently I took a short trip St. Charles, Chicago and like always, brought some mementos from the show: a show booklet, the sleeve from my drink cup, a napkin from the resort that was the show venue, my badge, etc.

I decided to put the booklet on the left page almost as a focal photo on a scrapbook page. I planned to create a pocket with the embossed paper to hold some of the stuff.

When I laid the elements out, their sizes, however, were too big to fit in my sketchbook. So, I decided to switch to a bigger journal. But first, I colored the front page of the booklet with color pencils.

I also stitched my pocket out of the embossed paper and paper napkin.

I attached the booklet and the pocket to my journal and tucked some mementos into the pocket.

Next, I journaled on the right page and added the date with a stamp.

Hope you enjoyed today's post and will SMASH in your scrapbooks too!
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