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Corner Bookmark DIY

I've been making a few fun bookmarks lately.If you're headed back to school, you've probably got a few books to read. Or maybe you're just reading some fun brain-candy, either way you need a bookmark, and this one is super-duper easy. ;)
Supplies: Paper, Washi Tape
 1. Cut a 3"x3" square of some cut patterned paper.
2. Cut the square in half, into 2 triangles.
3. Lay one traingle on top of the other, and use washi tape to tape 2 sides together, like this:
Just slide it onto the corner of your page like this!

Check back tomorrow for another fun bookmark DIY.
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  1. Love it!! The washi is too cute and you KNOW I love October Afternoon! I need to dig out my 9 to 5 paper. I bought some over 2 months ago and I haven't used it! :O

    1. Why haven't you used any?? The 9 to 5 line is so cute!!


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