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Recycled Spool Mini Album

Do you sew, or quilt? Even if you don't do it very often, you still go through spools of thread, right? Do you reuse them once they are empty or do you just chunk them?

This is a fun way to save them from the trash can, and it can be made as a gift or for yourself!
Supplies: Old Thread Spool, Pictures, Sewing Machine, Twine or Embroidery Thread, Strong Adhesive, Misc Scrapbooking Embellishments.

1. Print your pictures as Wallet Sized. This gets them small enough, although depending on the size of your spool you might have to crop them even smaller.
2. Make sure they are the right size, I did have to crop mine down to 1&1/2" x 3&1/2". You want the picture to fit between the 2 edges of your spool, like so--
3. Cover the back of your pictures with pretty paper, Or if you want to be even more Eco-friendly, back them with recycled papers! Junk mail, book pages, newspaper, etc.
4. Line up 2 of your pictures side by side, and sew them together using a zig zag stitch. 
NOTE- there are many ways that you could bind this. I chose to sew them because I thought it went good with the spool. Another way you could do it is by sticking washi tape on the 2 photos.
3. Attach all of your photos together, so you have them all in 1 strip.
4. Taking the edge of your photo strip and your spool, use a strong adhesive to attach the edge of your photo to your spool. Let dry.
5. You can add a few stickers and embellishments to your photos if you wish.
6. Cut a 5" piece (or longer if you want.) of twine, ribbon or embroidery floss and stitch one end to the edge of your first photo.
Wrap your photos around your spool (tightly!) and then continue wrapping around it with the string. When you get to the end of your string, just wrap it under itself to make it stay.
Here is another spool mini album I've made... I hand stitched the photos together instead of using the machine. I also added bling to the top of my vintage spool. :)
Do you like to make mini albums out of random things? I do. :)
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