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String Block Tote Bag Tutorial

Need another tote bag to take to the grocery store, library, etc? I love making string blocks, they are such a fun technique and use up small strips of fabric! This tutorial is for people with atleast a little bit of sewing knowledge.
Supplies: Fabric, Paper Towels (You want square paper towels.) Sewing Machine, Ribbon or Fabric for Handles.

How to sew a string block:

First, Cut your fabric into strips. You can make them all the same size (Mine are 2" wide for the most part) or make them all different sizes. You need both long and short strips.

1. Place a paper towel on your table. Take a long strip and place it diagonally across you paper towel, Right side up. Make sure it is atleast slightly longer than your paper towel.
2. Take another long strip and place it right side down on top of your first fabric strip, aligning the right edges.
3. Sew down along the right edge.
4. Open the second strip up, and iron flat.
5. Take another strip and repeat the process, laying it right side down, stitching, and the ironing open. Repeat until you get to the end of the paper towel.
6. Once you get to the corner of the paper towel and sew the last strip, Spin your paper towel around and finish the other side.
7.  Flip your paper towel over, and trim off the extra fabric.
8. Keep making string blocks!
How to make the tote bag:

1. Sew together 6 string blocks into a rectangle. Cut another piece of fabric the same size.
2. Fold your string block rectangle in half, and sew up the bottom and one side. (leaving the top open.
3. Fold your second piece of fabric in half, sewing up the bottom and side.

Here's where it gets a little tricky..
4. With your string block tote wrong side out, and your second fabric tote right side out, Place the fabric tote inside of your string block tote.
5. Cut ribbon for your handles, and place them between your two totes, with the ends sticking out. pin them.
6. Sew around the top edge of your tote bag, but leave a small section (about 2 inches) open so that you can flip it right side out.

7. Start flipping it right side out. Once you have it all right side out, shove the second fabric inside the string blog tote. This makes it reversible if you ever get tired of the string blocks.
8. Now all that is left to do is stitch closed the opening that you used to flip it right side out.
Voila! I love tote bags, but I never seem to have enough. I will have to make some more too, because my sister stole this one. ;)

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