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An Artsy Layout

This layout I made for the February Pinterest Challenge on ClubCK turned out super artsy.  I created the arrows by wrapping yarn around wire. I also used water color pencils for my title, and splattered some walnut ink.
I also made this paper box for a challenge Graphic45 had going on for Random Acts of Kindness week. So I cut this adorable paper box out on my cricut using a piece of Graphic45 paper.

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  1. You're so creative with all your layouts! I'm just curious, what do you do with your pages when you finish? I've had problems in the past with 3d embellishments making either the page not fit nicely into the plastic sleeve that some books come with or the book just being absurdly fat, and I'm always scared of crushing the pages.

    1. Thank you!! I have to admit, that I haven't totally solved that problem yet. I just stick my pages into the plastic sleeves and in an album, but my album is always super fat!
      Buying a 3 ring album instead of the post bound kind helps though. ;)

  2. wow! i realy like your layout!! Love the arrows and will keep it in my do!! :)


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