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Make it Monday

(They even have a little pocket on front to put something in!)
Make the Classic Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper Stylish, with this DIY.

What are you making today?? I need to do some laundry, but I think I will also being doing some scrapbooking, and maybe working on a few Christmas presents! :)
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  1. Oh dear. Once again I love them all. :-)

    I really need to make the earphone case because mine get all tangled up in my purse. The robots are adorable and I have been wanting to learn to screen print. This could be a good place to start. I love the photo collage, too! Great finds again.

  2. Great ideas here! I already had that earbud pouch tutorial bookmarked so I think this is a sign that I need to get around to making it.

  3. I could really use that earphone pouch...and maybe I could make a robot for my little niece since her birthday is this weekend..ey ey ey ..thanks for sharing! :) -Lo


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