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Fishtail Braids and Pretty Earring DIY with Inna!

Hey everyone, it's Inna, from Paper Raindrops! *Waves*
This is one of the first guest posts I've ever done, so I tried to make it pretty awesome. :)
Let the DIY's begin!

Fishtail Braid:

1. Split hair into two sections. Take a small piece of hair from the side and pull it over into the middle.

2. Take a piece of hair from the other side and cross it over the first.

3. Take a piece of hair from the first side, and cross it over.

4. Repeat. As you go on, you really need to pull the pieces of hair from the under the side. Otherwise it will look like a normal braid.

5. Ta-da! Once you get the hang of it, it's a really simple and beautiful variation on a normal braid! Just don't expect to be perfect right away. It took me quite a few tries to get it to work. :)

Thanks for modeling for me, sis!

For the earrings, you need mini split rings (think mini key chain rings), and earring hooks (both of those items are super cheap at places like Hobby Lobby) & approx. 5 minutes. No creative talent necessary! Not even kidding. :)

All you have to do is string the rings together however you want, and attach them to the earring

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

Have fun!

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  1. FABULouS!!! THanK YOu!!! I'm going to hopefully try both of these!! Cannot wait to check out the rest of the blog. taci

  2. I think I might have been logged in to the wrong account before. This is the one I use ;) following you now :)

  3. wait, so after the first two strands are crossed do I gather the hair like I would with a normal french braid? By the picture it looks like it's loose and you're pinching it, but I'm often wrong ;).

  4. Thanks! I have been trying to remember how to do this! My sister used to do it to my hair when we were little, and I wanted to do it for my little girls, now I can!


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