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Cutie-Pie Owl Hat DIY

Haven't you always wanted to look like a cute little owl? Here's a fun DIY that I made for you guys. 
Gray, white or black beanie hat
Gray, and two shades of pink felt or fabric
Yarn, your color choice

Needle and embroidery thread

1. Cut out two circles of dark pink felt, about 3" in diameter. Cut out a small pink teardrop shape for the beak. Cut a large gray triangle.
2. Handstitch eyelashes or eyes onto the large pink circles.
3. Lay out your design onto your hat and then hand Applique pieces to hat.
4. For pom-poms: Wrap yarn around your hand 35-50 times. Remove from your hand and lay across a small piece of yarn. Tie the small strand really tight.
5. Trim the yarn strands, giving your pompoms a haircut, until you are satisfied with the length. Repeat for a total of two pom-poms.
6. Braid 3-6 strand of yarn 6-10" long and tie to the pom-pom. Repeat with remaining pom-pom.
7. stitch the opposite end of each braid into the sides of the hat.

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