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Using Puffy Paint on you layout- Scrapbook Summer

Nope, Puffy Paints aren't just for little kids. They are super fun to squeeze out onto your layout for extra dimension! There are so many different things you could do with puffy paints!
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(I made my own puffy paint- there are alot of tutorials on the Internet- just google!)

1. I used a really patterned piece of paper and then added puffy paint to some of the patterns. However you could use a plain piece of paper and then paint out your own patterns!

This owl was paint onto the paper, so I just went over part of it with puffy paint and see how neat it looks.. ?
I did the same thing with the outline of the heart, and I painted little puffy dots going in a circle too.
If your layout warps while the paint is drying, Just put it under a couple of books- It will flatten out. ;)
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