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Scrapbook Summer- Adding Texture with Salt

Want to learn how to add some lovely texture to your chipboard letters? Try using Salt and paint mixed together! Here's how:
Supplies: Paper, Pictures, Chipboard Letters, Salt, Acrylic Paint, Paintbrush, Misc Embellishments

1. On either a palette or a scrap of paper squirt out some paint and pour salt into it. I don't have measurements for how much salt- just until it gets nice & gritty.

2. Paint onto your chipboard letters. You don't have to cover them all- Taylor just painted stripes onto them.
3. Lay out your page how you want.
4. Decorate your layout using your chipboard letters and some fun embellishments!
I think this would be an amazing technique for a summer page- Don't you think the texture looks a little bit like a sandy beach? I love it!
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