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Restyle your old Paint Brushes! Guest post from Crafted

Hey Punk Project readers!
Dom from Crafted blog here. :)
I have a little tutorial for you. This tutorial is very similar to Katies tutorial how to restyle your scissors in fact thats exactly what gave me the idea. :) So I thought where better to share this tutorial with the world than on Punk Projects!

I shall call it...
How to restyle your old PAINT BRUSHES. :)

I used: 
Wrapping paper 
Paint brushes
Sanding block
Mod Podge

Alternatively you can use:
any thin decorative paper.
Paint brushes
Sand paper
Any good quality decoupage style glue.

Sand back the paint on the brush handle. 
This will help the paper stick to the brush.

Tear off a small piece of paper. Long enough to wrap around the brush. Because paint brushes are round you will get the best effect if you wrap the paper around the brush.

Spread glue onto the the first part of the brush you want to cover.

Stick the paper onto the brush. Cover the paper with another layer of glue.

Continue this all the process all the way along the handle.
Be sure to cover the top of all the paper with the glue.

I just love how these turned out! I want to do this to all of my old brushes! Just think how awesome that would be to have such pretty handles on all of those yucky looking brushes. :)

What's Mod Podge? Freakin' super awesome stuff! I think it was originally created in the 60's by a woman who wanted to cover her VW beetle in pictures. pretty groovy huh. ;)
It's 3 in 1. Sealer, glue, varnish. I love it. If you do a lot of paper craft it is definitely a product you should own. :)

Pop on over to Crafted Blog and say hi. :) 
Thanks for having me again Katie. :)

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