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Guest Post from Crafted blog + a fun scrapbooking tip!

Hey guys!
Dom from Crafted blog here. I'm one of Katie's super awesome sponsors this month.
I live in Sydney, Australia and I am just a teeny tiny bit craft OBSESSED! 
(ok teeny tiny is a bit of an understatement!)

Katie and I have swapped places for today and she is guest posting over at Crafted. :)

I'm going to show you guys a great technique to use with scrapbooking, card making any kind of paper craft really! (now that I think about it you could even use this technique with fabric... anything with a pattern really...)
I actually learned this trick from my grandma. She has become quite the card maker recently. So cute. :)

Using acetate to pick your pattern.

You will need:
Acetate (I couldn't find mine so I used a clear plastic folder)
A cutting knife
Permanent marker
Picture to trace
Patterned paper

Step 1 
Place your acetate over the image and trace it. 
If you want to design your own shape I really recommend you draw it out on a piece of paper and trace it and not just draw straight onto the acetate. That way if you make a mistake you wont wreck your acetate sheet.

Step 2
Once you have outlined the shape cut it out of acetate. 

Step 3
After cutting it out draw the outline on the shape again so it is clearer.

Step 4 
Now you can put the acetate cut out onto the patterned and work out exactly what design you want for your shape. Like this scratchy corner and lines through the middle. 

or lines crossing on one of the wings.

Step 5
Once you have picked your place trace out the shape.

Step 6
Cut it out and you are done. :)

And the best bit is you now have that acetate shape and you can keep it and use it again and again! 

Well I hope you guys found that tip useful! 

Thanks for having me over katie. :) 

Katie is guest blogging over on my blog today too! Make sure you check out her post. (or just come on over and say hi. :)


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