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Trip to Red Velvet

Last weekend My mom, Sister and I took a road trip to Red Velvet in Missouri (it was like a 7 hr drive from DFW...) The way Elsie and Emma decorated the shop was so freakin' cute and kitschy!
So beware, This post is somewhat picture heavy! enjoy---
Have you visited Red Velvet?? If not, You definitely should! I got the cutest pair of crochet covered headphones a woodgrain leather journal made by Rachel. I love it!

[Thanks, Mom, For taking us to Red Velvet!]
xo, Katie
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  1. ooooo neat!!! i went to red velet when it was in the small shop on commercial street it was SOOO cute and it was for the chirstmas party and it was my bday so it was SUPER special!!

  2. Wow, so cool to see pics of this place on a different blog! I look at A Beautiful Mess almost every day. :)

  3. Looks like a fabulous time! JEALOUS!!!! lol! Thanx for sharing all the pics!


  4. Yep, I'm pretty jealous of you right now! ^_^ I might have to make a special trip accross the country one day just to visit that shop lol. Its like you ladies had a lovely day!!

  5. looks great...too far for me to travel, but what a treasure that shop is.

  6. Oooh I'm so jealous that you went! Great pics!

  7. I love the vintage radios!!!


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