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How to make an Art Journal.

Enjoying the blog party? I'm so happy to have abunch of amazing guest bloggers today! Here's another tutorial I've made for you guys: How to make an art journal!
1. Gather your supplies--- grab every pretty paint, ink, stamp and glitter glue you can find! :) Also, grab some printer paper!
2. Color your pages. Here are some techniques to try:
  • Ink- run ink pads across your page.
  • Write. write all across your page, use song lyrics, a poem, or just random words.
  • Remember how much fun crayon rubbings were as a kid? break out the crayons and play around.
  • paint, use acrylics, watercolors, etc.
I really wanted a watercolor look, but I didn't have any watercolor paints. So I filled a plastic cup with water, and squirted in a few drops of acrylic paint, and voila! water colors!
3. Once you have all your pages colored, back 2 of them together, and sew along the edges. repeat with other pages.
4. Stack up your pages on top of each other, and sew a seam down the middle to bind them.
5. Fold in half, and start art journaling. There aren't any rules in art journaling, just have fun. add magazine pages, paint some more, doodle with sharpies:
Here's a peek at all the pages I've done so far..
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  1. Super cute! Thanks for the tutorial - I want to try this one out now!

  2. I loooove your drawings! They rock!


  3. so cute! i love how raw & diy this looks. can't wait to make one!

  4. Wow! The be different page is beautiful!


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