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Guest Blog with Tabatha + giveaway!

A few thoughts,
Katie asked me to write a post for her blog party so I thought I’d use the space to spread the word about a topic of our household as of late.

The other day Katie, Taylor and I spent the afternoon volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank. It was a real eye-opener. One in 3 Dallas Kids fall below the poverty line and are hungry. The food bank supplies food for 13 counties, not just Dallas. Only 9 percent of the people that receive food from the pantry are homeless, the rest are your neighbors, seniors and co-workers. They may have jobs, even degrees but don’t make enough to keep food in the house without help.

When most people donate to food drives, they think CANNED GOODS, well let me tell you, green beans, peas and corn are fine, but there is usually an overabundance of those donated and who really wants to eat JUST green beans, peas and corn? Even when you are hungry, you appreciate a variety. Dry goods are especially needed, cereal, rice, dried beans, macaroni and cheese Peanut Butter.

I am challenging all of PunkProjects Followers: Donate a bag of groceries to your local food pantry and make it anything but green beans, peas or corn!! If you sew, Donate a baby quilt or Lap quilt to your Local Shelter or Children’s Ward.
So for the blog party, Tabatha is giving away 2 baby quilts. I hope the winner passes one on to someone in need.
To enter to win these, simply comment on this post with your name & email! I will be announcing the giveaway winner on next Saturday, the 29th. -Katie
p.s. (Thanks, Mom, for guest blogging for me! xo, Katie)
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  1. These are so cute! This is what I call blog candy! And I love me some candy!!

  2. Consider the challenge done!!
    ***And no veggies will be in the bag at all!!!***
    The two quilties are gorgeous and I will donate one to the local battered women's shelter and one to a friend who is going to be a grandma!!

  3. Katie and I worked at the local food pantry this morning and I worked on baby quilts after I got home so that the next time we go in, we can donate a few to them to give to the young parents that receive diapers and formula
    Thanks to everyone who meets the challenge and donates to their food pantry. Tabatha

  4. You all are such special ladies! I miss seeing y'all...we need to get together sometime when we ever get up that direction again. WAY to go Katie! I'm enjoying your blog so much, you come up with the cutest ideas!

  5. So cute.
    Kim Abel,

  6. oops!! forgot my email:

  7. Awesome!


    Campfirekam at gmail dot com!

  8. Beautiful quilts! Someday I might feel secure enough with my sewing machine to attempt a quilt...I might need some assistance on the first one! I do know a pregnant woman who would put a quilt to good use and a young boy with a rare brain disease, among other things who would also love one to cuddle with. Liz,

  9. Thanks for the giveaway. Whenever there's a good sale at my grocery store, I snag a few extras to give to our food pantry. Have a great day!
    justaduck at

  10. Love the quilts!

    Our favorite place to donate food - our local church community has a backpack program that sends backpacks with food home with students for the weekend. My girls pick foods that they too would like!

    monkmommom at

  11. Very nice! I want to learn to make quilts but feel a little overwhelmed when I look at them!
    velmametz @ gmail .com

  12. ooo lovely quilts, thanks for the giveaway!


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