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Upcycled Gift Card Ring Tutorial

I have a whole bunch of gift cards and was trying to come up with a craft for them, and I decided to see what a ring would look like! I think it turned out neat. The silver part looks kinda like a jewel.. Anyway, I made a tutorial to share with you guys!
Supplies: Old Gift Cards, An old ring or craft wire.
1. Cut out some circles from the card. varying sizes.
2. Stack them up & Glue them.
3. If you are using craft wire, you need to wrap wire loosely around your finger, and make a ring.
4. Glue the ring to the bottom of you circles.
And Voila! You are finished! Now you can wear you pretty recycled, eco friendly ring! :)

I don't actually like to wear rings much, ( I just like to make them. ) so I gave this one to Taylor. :)
xo, Katie
p.s. I would LOVE to see your version! send me a link!
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  1. how clever! i would never have thought to use those cards like this. :)

  2. Very fun! I do something similar, but make earrings out of the cards. :) I am your newest follower. great site.

    1. How neat! I haven't tried to make earrings before.


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