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Recycled Earrings Tutorial!

Hello! Here is a tutorial Taylor and I made the other day! Earrings out of a fast food cup! If you do them red/white/blue like mine, they are just in time for the 4th of July, which is only a couple of weeks away! :)

Supplies: a plastic cup (I used a cup from quiktrip), wire, jump rings, and 2 earring fishhooks(that's the top part of the earring.)

1. Cut your cup down the middle, drawing 6 stars onto it of varying sizes and cutting them out. Punch a small hole in the top of each star, and attach jumprings.

2. stack 3 stars ontop of each other and thread a length of wire about 5 inches long through the jumprings.

start twisting your wire until its the length you want you earring to be.

thread through the eye of the fishhook part, and then bend the wires down back towards your earrings, and twist the ends around the already twisted wire. I took a pair of pliers and pinched where the ends were, so that they would not be sharp.

3. now go put on your pretty pretty earrings! Taylor also made a brooch from the plastic cup to match the earrings(you can see it in the first picture) It turned out really cute.

I would *love* to see your version, if you do this, please leave me a link in the comments, or email me. thanks!
xoxo, Katie
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  1. ahhhh i hit a goldmine when i found your blog! i cannot express my excitement! lol its full of all kinds of goodness. I'm probably going to find something on here to make my husband for fathers day! keep posting and ill keep reading. =)

  2. I love recycled plastic earrings. Great post! Thank you :)

  3. You rock! Awesome tutorial!
    Loved it!

  4. These are great! Very clever :).

  5. These are super clever! Thanks for sharing. I will feature/link a little nearer 4th of July this year.



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