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Glitter Silhouette Art DIY

I came home the other day to Taylor telling me "I have a great project idea for you!" She had found this neat silver tray at the thrift store and decided that I needed to turn it into a piece of art.

Both my Sister and my Mom give me so many wonderful project ideas.  They're actually the brains behind quite a few of the projects here on my blog. They give me ideas, and I turn them into works of art. They're the best, right?!
 Supplies: A Metal Tray Or Art Canvas. Paint, Gel Medium, Gloss Varnish (Mod Podge will work.) Glitter

1. Chose your base. You could do this on pretty much anything, a canvas, wood plaque, etc. I chose a metal  tray.
 2. For the background, Grab your paints and paint a fun chevron design.
 3. Once the paint is dry, Use a stencil, and sketch out a silhouette onto your background.
Or if you're like me and don't want to print out a silhouette stencil, you can try free handing it. (Which is why mine isn't perfect, but I like it.)
 4. Fill your silhouette in with gel medium.
 5. While the gel is still wet, cover it in glitter.
 6. Give it a little while to dry, (I left to do something else and came back in about 1 hour.) and shake all of the excess glitter away.
 7. Go over the whole thing with a clear gloss varnish or something like decoupage. This will keep the paint from scratching, and make sure no glitter falls off.
 8. I also used a sharpie and drew a black outline around my silhouette, Just so that it is easier to tell what it is- not just a shiny gold blob.

Do your friends/family ever give you good project ideas?
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  1. I LOVE the way it turned out!

  2. Love the use of an old tray to make such an interesting and unique piece of artwork. Great use of the materials and even greater that it was a little DIY project. We recycle furniture so we know that something new can always come from something old.

  3. Love this one, in fact i love all the projects involving glitter.


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