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I challenge you- Leave a sweet comment.

I love receiving sweet comments on my blog posts, they go straight to my email, so I read every one of them. I'm sure I'm not the only one? If you have a blog, I bet you love getting nice comments as well.

So, here's my challenge for you- Go to at least 3 of your favorite blogs and leave a sweet comment.
Things like "so cute", "love this", etc are always nice. But even better are longer detailed comments, pointing out fun techniques, or ideas that you liked about the post.

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  1. I'll start with your blog!!! =) because I love it! this is a great idea. I usually leave about a dozen comments a day! And love having replies back to me just as much! have a great day!!

  2. great idea!! I'll be like Suzee and start here!!!! I love your make it Mondays! I look forward to them each week! Now I can't see a star trek craft without thinking of you :) Have a great Tuesday!!!

  3. only leave sweet positive comments b/c I don't have time for unsweetened words and
    meet this challenge everytime there's a blog hop b/c there's always awe-inspiring creativity shared that must be lauded.


I love your comments!

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