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Create a Watercolor Clock with Cath!

Hello! I'm Catherine (also known as Cath), a dreamer who wishes there
were more hours everyday. I don't concentrate in one thing at a time and
I'm always open to find some new craft to get myself into. I blog at Dreamy Colours and I also
have an etsy shop where I
sell my cross stitch jewelry). Since there are times where I've lots of
ideas and no time to actually do them I write a lot of lists full of
ideas. The idea of making a personalized clock was in one of those lists.
For this, you'll need an old clock and watercolor materials (paint and
I found the perfect clock for this lying around in my garage!

First thing you need to do is take the clock apart, for me this was the
most difficult thing to do because I couldn't remove the clear top.
When you've all the little pieces be sure to store them somewhere safe
so you don't lose them.

Remove the paper and use it to trace in the watercolor paper (or use the
clear top as I did).

Cut it and have fun! I did something pretty simple: I wrote the numbers
name in portuguese. More ideas to draw: little symbols that indicate
what you usually do on those hours, an intricate design with nothing to
do with the clock, a small story that happens in exactly 12 hours
(something like the tv show 24 ;) ). Besides watercoloring you could
embroider the numbers, it'd look so awesome! There are so many things
you can do to give a new life to your old clock!

Just remember to have fun :) Cath

I love this idea, Cath. Thank you so much for guest posting!!
So what would you guys paint? I love Cath's idea of painting the words instead of the numbers.
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