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Restyle an Oversized Tshirt DIY from Sew Beastly!

Re-style An Oversized T-Shirt in 10 Easy Steps
Hello to all!! My name is Citlalli, the heart and hands behind Sew Beastly. I am so excited to be here at Punk Projects sharing a very simple
tutorial on how to re-style an oversized t-shirt. Have you ever owned a t-shirt that is just too big for you? Maybe you are like me, and find some
men's t-shirts irresistible? Maybe you found an awesome shirt that doesn't quite fit, you keep telling yourself you will find a way to wear it without
looking like a slob, but that day hasn't arrived yet? I know just the feeling!!! So I came up with this quick and easy way to re-style that dreaded
oversized shirt…..Ready?? Here we go!!

-1 oversized t-shirt
-1 well fitting tank top
-Sewing machine
-Water soluble pencil {to make markings on shirt}
-Matching thread
Turn oversized shirt inside out. Lay out the oversized shirt on flat surface, and align the seams. If the shirt is being a pain to align, then make
sure the seams at the top {collar} are the ones that are aligned the best. We won't be messing with those

Lay out your well fitting tank top on top of the oversized shirt. Make sure the seams for your tank top are aligned as well. My well fitting tank top
was my inspiration for this tutorial

Trace the outline of the tank onto the oversized shirt. I like to leave room for error {1.5 - 2 inches} Remember you can always cut off any excess
fabric. I like to pin all the edges, it makes it easy to maneuver the shirt when you are cutting it all up.

Cut it all up!! Follow the line you traced earlier, and save these scraps. These scraps will be used as embellishments later on the process. Now
get your well fitting tank top, and trace a line along the actual edge of it

Now we are ready to sew up the armhole seams. Fold the edge towards the right side of the shirt about 1/2 inch, and repeat. You should have
somewhat of a rolled hem. You can also do a straight stitch along the edges to prevent the seams from fraying, this will give the seams that raw
edge look.

Sew up the side seams by following your earlier trace. Try it on!! Take in more along the sides if needed.

Remember all the fabric scraps? Now we get to make them into ruffles!! {my favorite!} Cut them into strips measuring 1.5 inches wide. I used a
total of four strips measuring about 22 inches long.

Make the strips into ruffles. I like to do a straight stitch along one edge to keep them from fraying.

Yay!!! Almost done!! Now we get to arrange the ruffles onto the shirt. I picked one side of the shirt right along the collar and armhole. The
possibilities are endless, so be creative!!!

Now sew them up!! If you are arranging the ruffles like mine, then the easiest way to sew them up is by starting at the bottom, and pivoting when
you get to each side, but if it is too confusing, then backstitch at every end, and start on the next layer of ruffles…..And…Ta dah!! You're done!!

pat yourself on the back and go show off your new shirt!! Easy right??
Hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and are ready to put it to work!! Thank you to sweet Katie for having me over!!
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