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This Blog has been Assimilated

Haha, Sorry, Star Trek got the best of me. Anyway, Katie has gone camping for the weekend, so I have hijacked her blog for a day or two. I'm planning on posting major cuteness tomorrow, but after doing lots of homework, that's out fo the question for tonight. It's so beautiful here in paradise right now, here are a few pics of the last time my darling little sis (Katie) was here...
anyway, if all goes well, I shall be posting some goodies, till then my friends! XOXO Miss Tay
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  1. Hey, I said you could post on my blog, not assimilate it ;) j/k, can't wait to see your crafty/ inspiration post. Gotta love the iPhone, I can get online out here in the great outdoors!

  2. So which one likes Star Trek or is it both of you?

  3. Haha, Its both of us, we are both nerds. :)
    I even have spock quotes at the bottom of this blog. :)

  4. hahha! you guys are so cute! The new Spock is kinda hot...I have to admit. :)


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