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the wooden star trek crew

Okay, so, One of the style school projects was painting these little wooden people. I didnt really want to paint one to look like me, soo.. I went all crazy star trek! yes!

my fave: of course, spock. :)

Do you think they look like the enterprise crew?

oh, and there is a new inspiration post below this one, posted by my awesome(and crazy) big sister Taylor. :)
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  1. Wow! Those are awesome! Great job!

  2. HAHA! These are great. Love how you did the faces!

  3. Katie, you are amazing and awesome! Spock's eyebrows are perfection and I would have recognized Scotty anywhere. Have you ever considered making some tribbles? ;o)

  4. thanks! ooh, I didnt even think about making tribbles. :) I thought about making a klingon but didnt end up making him. ;)

  5. Hi- we just covered your awesome trek figures on our site (linked above). nice job.


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