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Creating a Fiber Paste Card with Mou Saha

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here from CreatingKeepsakes magazine. Let’s talk about Fiber Paste today.
If you are wondering what Fiber Paste is, it is a texture paste that looks like handmade paper, has the consistency of cake frosting, can be applied with a palette knife or with your fingers, dries fast, and takes colors well.

If you follow the CK editor’s blog, you might have read my post about Fiber paste. In that post I mentioned that I’ll use the left over textured block in another project. So, here it is with a slight recap from the original post.
I laid a favorite stencil on a thick cardstock and applied fiber paste in small quantities using a palette knife. I removed the stencil and cleaned it off immediately.

The paste dried pretty fast.

I cut out a block from the textured paper where my photo went and saved that block for a future card.

I colored the cut out block with pink Twinkling H2O.

Next, I started building my card, one layer at a time, as shown below.

And here’s my finished card using fiber paste.

Hope you enjoyed and would try fiber paste in your art!
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