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I Restyled Our Lampshade..

The story behind this lamp shade: 
I've been trying to come up with a neat way to restyle this lamp shade for quite awhile, I was starting to think about using some washi tape on it (I'm obsessed!) but then over on the Punk Projects facebook page, Sophie mentioned that she recently spray misted a lampshade. Super inspired by her idea, I did my own version.
I used a couple of different mists, a green Mister Huey, and a Shiny Pumpkin colored mist from Tattered Angels.
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  1. I totally have both of the colors you used! How ironic that I don't have THAT many mists, but the ones I do have, you have them too! :P

  2. yeah!!It's so cool and look beautiful!! Happy to have inspired you!!:))


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