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Be Bold and Funky - Sew up a Fun Pillow!

Hello Everyone. My name is Natt Smith aka Tiny Natt 
.... No, I'm not related with Katie, we just happen to have same last name lol 
I'm here today as a response to be Katie's guest blog post. 
Such an honor to be here with you lovely readers. ( Thx Katie ^_^ )
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Today I have to share with you an easy basic skill required project.
This is what you'll need for the project.
1/4 yard linen, felt, your favorite shape die cut, die cutting machine ( Cuttlebug etc. ), sewing machine, thread.
How to : 
1. Cut shapes using die cut in this case I use Sizzix stars die for my project because I want to add some thing that will brighten my bed room.
2. Then you drew lines on linen for the size of pillow that you want and cut two pieces of linen.
3. Sewn stars randomly on linen.
4. Sewn with another piece of linen.
5. Filled with polyester.
6. Sewn to close and the enjoy !!
Thank you everyone for reading.
I hope this post will inspired you to crate something funky ^_^
You can also visit my blog for more inspirations at Tinynatt's blog

Thank you so much for guest posting, Natt! Your pillows turned out so amazing, I love them! -Katie
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