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Restyled Sewing Machine

Here's the story behind this project:
Taylor had an old Janome sewing machine. It sewed just fine, But it was kinda sad and ghetto looking.

Soo, I grabbed some vintage woodgrain contact paper, and started covering it! Isn't it awesome? I also cut out the vintage girl from some scrapbookng paper and glued her onto it.
What do you think? Have you ever decorated your sewing machine? I'd love to see pics! :)

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  1. im in love with this! <3
    the only decorating ive done is use Valentine's Day window decals on my sewing machine. i like to change things alot so the decals make it easy!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is great!
    When hubby and I move, I'm taking both of my sewing machines and painting them with either acrylics or nail polish. Probably dinosaurs or squids on them. :3
    Right now I have this little crochet lizard I double-sided-sticky-taped to the machine, it looks like he's climbing on it. It's cute.

  3. O.O
    That just might be the best thing I've seen all day, if not all week.

  4. This looks great! Maybe I should try something like it! :-)

  5. i have blinged out my machine lol but never restyled it like this! oh em gee amazing!!! i really need to go buy some wood grain contact paper like yesterday!!

  6. It turned out so great! My machine isn't decorated...yet! ;)


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