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Guest Blog from Taylor! Wallet Refurb Tutorial

Hi everyone! I've got a cute idea for you, as we celebrate the one year birthday of Punk Projects! Katie is my little sister, and she inspires me every single day by the amazing things she does and her awesome creations. xoxo, Taylor
My wallet is well-loved, I didn't want to buy a new one because I like this size, unfortunately it has become very beat up. Here's an easy step-by-step idea for giving your pocketbook a makeover.
Supplies: Acrylic Paint (I used black, white, and pastels), clear nail polish, masking tape, paintbrushes.
1. Remove everything from your wallet!
2. Tape off the areas you don't want to paint, like the clasp.

3. Paint your wallet a solid color, or a rainbow of colors. I wanted mine to have a "chalkboard" look, so I painted the entire thing solid black. Make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies!

4. choose a design and decorate your wallet!
5. Coat with clear nail polish to seal in the acrylic paint. This will keep it from chipping off and getting inside your purse.
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