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DIY Easter Tins from Recycled Pirouline Tins

If you're new here, I post recycled Pirouline tin crafts every month! You can find them all here.

With Easter being later this month, I wanted to do a really fun and festive Pirouline craft! Easter tins!

I think it would be fun to make these with kids, but it does involve hot glue and an awl, so you would need supervision, or you could make one for them and let them enjoy it later!

I'm showing you how to make both a blue bird and a chocolate bunny!

  • Empty Pirouline Cookie Tins
  • Craft Felt
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Awl
  • 1/4" silk Ribbon
  • Card Board
Download the Bird Wing template here.
Download the Bunny Ear template here.

1.Start by printing out the templates, and cut them out. Cut 2 wings and 2 bunny ears from card board.
2. Adhere the cardboard shapes to craft felt, and trim them with a 1/4" edge.

3. Adhere the opposite side of the cardboard to craft felt as well. Once dry, trim around the edges.

4. Cover the tin in felt. I made both a blue bird and a chocolate bunny tin.

5. Cut out a face from felt, and adhere to the front of the tin.

6. Place a line of glue on the straight edge of the wings, and adhere them to opposite sides of the tin, as pictured. Hold them in place for about 10 seconds until the hot glue is dry.

7. Use and awl to carefully punch holes on opposite sides of the tin.

8. Cut a 20" piece of ribbon and tie each end to the tin, through the holes.

For the bunny tin, follow the same instructions as the blue bird, only adhere the ears to the top inside of the tin!

I think these are so cute, I want to make bunnies in all of the colors now!

Do you have any Easter plans?

You can find out more about the yummy Pirouline Cookies here: Website | Twitter | Facebook
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